Starmelod – Biography

Starmelod – Biography


Real name: Jorgen Juty Geleplay
Stage name: Starmelod (melo’D)
Birthdate: 21 December 1988
Origin country: Liberia
Albums released: None so far.

Early life

Jorgen Juty Geleplay (Starmelod A.K.A. Melo’D) was born in Liberia but moved to Philadelphia, United Stated when he was 16. Four years later, he graduated from John Bartram High School. One of his accomplishments in addition to obtaining his diploma, was that he gained the knowledge of poetry writing, which steered him in becoming an amazing artist. After graduation, he left Philadelphia and moved to Sacramento, California where he tested his talent for writing and producing with the hope of becoming an engineer/DJ with the TeamWonder Production.

In 2010, Starmelod repositioned back to Philadelphia, PA for unknown reasons. However, his mission in California gave him the motivation to continue his dream as a musician. While in Philadelphia, he began to produce and record music. Over the years, he has worked with multiple upcoming Liberian artists, which helped strengthen his skills as a professional.


Now, Starmelod is one of Liberia’s top recording artist, performer, producer, graphic designer and CEO of Royal Studio. His 2015 single “Liberian Beauty” was well received both throughout the Liberian community in the United States and in his native land.

Since entering the entertainment industry in 2012, Starmelod released his first EP album titled ‘Levels’ in July of 2015 and it consisted of 8 singles. Sadly, the whole EP is not found on internet at the moment.

He earned his big break into the industry in November of 2015 with the #1 hit single ‘Rude Rude Thing‘. With thousands of views on YouTube, Starmelod because one of the “Hottest” new artist to content with. He gained respect from his fellow artists. He has travelled all over the United States performing his new hit while re-introducing some old ones. ‘Rude Rude Things’ has earned him a few investment deals but none that are promising.

He moved on to his second official single called ‘Unlimited Blessings‘. This track did not do so well as ‘Rude Rude Things’ but is definitely worth a listen:

His latest track is an addictive club banger with the name ‘Tassina‘.

This is the story so far of this up and coming artist. Keep it locked on Dansiyo for the latest on Starmelod. You can also subscribe to his Spotify playlist here:

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