Review: African Atmosphere at Festival Mundial 2016

Review: African Atmosphere at Festival Mundial 2016

Festival Mundial

In the weekend of 25th and 26th of June it was time for Festival Mundial in Tilburg, a city in Holland. This is a yearly festival with music from all continents in the world. Of course Dansiyo was especially curious for the African sounds that were played there.  The two-day festival offered a wide pallet of musical preferences. It had 7 stages with live acts, but this wasn’t the only way a person could enjoy music. All over the place dj’s were playing all kind of music. Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Salsa, Dubstep and more. This year the festival was sold out and had 24.000 visitors.
The organisation also taught about the stomach of the visitors. It had an huge food line-up. Just like the music it was possible to eat stuff that originated from all over the World. People couldn’t say they had bad food.
Like the music and the food the people that came to Festival Mundial were very diverse. For me it was something beautiful to see because nowadays this isn’t normal and it looks like that multiple politicians with power in Western Europe don’t like this kind of diversity. Too bad. Kids til 12 years old could enter the festival for free with their parents. It looked like they had the time of their life because they had many things to do.

Day 1


The day started with a show of Bitori. These guys are from Cape Verde and their music is called Funana. The band is a group of 5 and the eldest is just 78 years young. Actually he is Bitori and the others are just part of his band. They just released their last album and now they are performing a lot. The show was good and got people dancing outside in the rain. I loved the fact that the band used some African instruments in their show. The lead singer was also being creative and played his instrument with a knife.

Samy Ben Redjeb

A couple of hours later it was time for Samy Ben Redjeb. ‘Analog Africa’, the label he founded, presented this show. The Tunesian DJ played some African dance music with roots from all over the continent. There was Arabic music but also Afrobeat, Afro Funk and disco. He mixed this all very nicely so people were dancing as if they were at a house club night. I heard a lot of tunes that I liked but are probably hard to understand.
Check out the Spotify playlist of the label:

Pat Thomas

Pat Thomas & Kwasibu Area Band closed the big outdoor stage. They brought some great Highlife music from Ghana and the audience was loving it. From the moment the guys started it was a big party. They played 90 minutes and the public loved every minute of it. Probably it was the same for the band because I could see them enjoying themselves.

Boddhi Satva

Boddhi Satva was a closing act as well. He was playing at the same stage as Samy Ben Redjeb. This was more a club stage. It was now time for Afro House music. A combination of the South African and Angolan house music. Good decision of the organisation of Festival Mundial to make him one of the closing acts of the first day. He made sure that everyone used the last energy they had in them.

Day 2


The first interesting act for Dansiyo was RedRed. We posted their latest single ‘How Far’ before. Of course they played this track during their set of around 40 minutes. The duo M3nsa and ELO had some support from two other musicians. One was playing the keys and the other the drums. ELO was on the drum machine. M3nsa made sure he had a lot of interaction with the public during the show. He is based in Hungary now but also has a connection with Britain so he had to say something about Brexit. He tolde us that for him as an artist this isn’t something good. The crowd loved the combination of Hip Hop and Electronic music. You know the crowd was enthusiastic when they are screaming ‘We want more!’.


The last African act I saw on Festival Mundial was Nneka. She was performing on the biggest stage of the festival. Together with her band, that consists of 4 men, she gave away a great show. Her beautiful voice had the possibility to shine when she played her singer songwriter music. But the public could also vibe and dance to the combination of Reggae and Funk that was in the show. There was not a lot of interaction during the show. She started interacting with the audience after her hit song Heartbeat. The song Heartbeat was the highlight of her show.


These acts weren’t the only African shows at Festival Mundial. Bachar Mar-Khalifé from Libanon, Tinariwen from Mali, Soweto Soul and Minyeshu Kifle Teda from Ethiopia also rocked the stage. Rocky Marciano from Portugal also plays a lot of African sounds in his music. Other interesting acts on Festival Mundial were Tourist LeMC, Superpendejos, Alo Wala, Broederliefde, Ronnie Flex and Typhoon.


Festival Mundial is a good festival and I had a great time. I wasn’t the only one with that feeling because at every show I saw smiling and dancing. Even the rain couldn’t stop that. Hopefully next year there is another great (African) line-up so Dansiyo can be there again. For pictures of Festival Mundial check out their website and Facebook.

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