Review: P-Square – The Invasion

Review: P-Square – The Invasion

The Invasion is P-Square fifth album and was released in 2011.  On this album P-Square worked together with Tiwa Savage, May D, Waje, Neato C, Muna and Eva Alordiah. Only two videos were made for this album and funny enough, these were both remixes of songs from the album. In total the album consists of 14 tracks. The sound of this album is very diverse. You can hear Eurohouse and R&B but the group keeps it African so you can also hear their typical Afro Pop music. I like diversity on albums but this one has too much of it. Therefore, I skipped a couple of tracks in this review, especially the tracks with the house sound. P-Square just didn’t do it right. Maybe they should ask some help from the South Africans on how to incorporate House music. Of course I’m not just complaining about The Invasion. So in this post I will show you some interesting tracks.

The Invasion videos

The single with the most views on YouTube is ‘Chop My Money’. The video is a remix and now has more than 29 million views on YouTube.  On the remix you can also hear African superstar Akon singing. Both versions of the song are good but it’s always fun to hear the high pitched voice of Akon. He opens the track with his own verse. It’s a funny clip about a woman that takes the money of all the guys. But they don’t care. At the moment of dropping this single May D was the first artist that was signed on the label of P-Square with the name Square Records.

Together with rap star Rick Ross they made the love song Beautiful Onyinye. It’s a more sweet ballad for the ladies. Great video with everyone in all white and the place where the video is recorded is beautiful. The last verse is for the boss and he drops some good bars. In this video Akon shows up again. Probably because he was the boss of P-Square at the time.


Do As I Do

In the beginning of this track everyone is introducing his of herself. 4 singers on one (good) track isn’t what we usually see. This track is about seducing someone of the other gender. All the artists are getting their shine and it’s a good track. You can hear May D also on the single Chop My Money. On Tiwa Savage’s latest album ‘R.E.D.’ P-Square are guests on the track Bang Bang.

Ole Buruku

The song ‘Ole Buruku’ is a love song with a dancehall vibe.  The guys are on their smoothest and saying how they are in to the woman of their life. Interesting combination of R&B and Dancehall.

You’re just like a thief in the middle of the night
You broke into my heart with a dagger knife
Now you got me twisted thinking otherwise
Next time I no go try this thing lai lai

Bunieya Enu

Before the track Ole Buruku is the song Bunieya Enu on the album. A track about celebrating life and thanking God. This is a nice uptempo track.

Other interesting tracks on the album are the single ‘Forever’ and ‘Asamkpokoto’. Of course you can also check The Invasion out for yourself on Spotify.

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