P-Square – Biography

P-Square – Biography


Real names: Paul and Peter Okoye 
Stage name: P-Square
Birthdates: 18 November 1981
Origin country: Nigeria
Albums released: Last Nite (2003), Get Squared (2005), Game Over (2007), Danger (2009), The Invasion (2011), Double Trouble (2014)

Early life

P-Square is a group that consist of the identical twins Peter and Paul Okoye. As with so many artists, they started their music career early on. Both of them joined the music and drama club at their secondary school, in Jos, Nigeria, called St. Murumba. They practiced their skills on MC Hammer and Michael Jackson tracks. The latter would be the main inspiration throughout their careers.

They perfected their dancing and singing skills during several groups they formed around that time. They became known for their talent in Jos and were able to earn some money performing at school functions and other occasions. The last group they formed, called ‘Smooth Criminals’ (inspired from one of Michael Jackson’s mega-hits) disbanded when each member was admitted in University in different parts of the country. In almost all their videos it’s visible that the two can dance very well. The Michael Jackson influence is very big.

In 1999 Peter and Paul studied Business Administration in the University of Abuja. It was here where they formed their final formation – starting with the names ‘Double P’, ‘P&P’, and ‘Da Pees’, until ‘P-Square’ turned out to be the best option.

Debut album

Two years later, in 2001, the duo won the ‘Grab The Mic’ competition. As a reward the recording of their debut album ‘Last Night’ was paid for by Benson & Hedges and released under Timbuk2 music. Off this album they released two singles, one of them called ‘Senorita’.

Their second album marked their final jump into fame. ‘Get Squared’ reached the top of the MTV base charts for four weeks in a row. They became super stars in their home country Nigeria almost overnight.

Increasing fame

From here they released several albums with each increasing their fame. Their third album, named ‘Game Over’ brought the successful single ‘Do Me’. The fourth album ‘Danger’ brought the twins international fame. Their single ‘E No Easy’ was played in clubs all over the world, introducing the Afrobeats/Afro Pop music to millions of people.

P-Square’s fifth album ‘The Invasion, released in 2011, showcased their first single with an American superstar: Akon. ‘Chop My Money’ became their next big success and showed these brothers are influential around the globe.

At the end of 2011, Akon announced that he signed P-Square to his Konvict Music label, together with Wizkid and 2Face. By the way Akon isn’t the only US artist the brothers worked with. They also had the rappers T.I. and Rick Ross on their albums. Also they hooked up with the brother of their biggest influence: Jermaine Jackson.

Double Trouble

It was 2014 when P-Square dropped their latest album ‘Double Trouble’. This album contained the most successful track so far: ‘Personally’. In the video their love for Michael Jackson is shown again in the choreography and scenery. The track currently has over 63 million views on YouTube! It was the best watched video of 2013 from a Nigerian artist. ‘Alingo’ and ‘Testimoney’ were also big hits and the videos got millions of views as well.

Because of the many hits there are also two biggest hits albums. The first one was released in 2013 and their second one in 2015. Having two greatest hits album is not something that many artists can say. It’s shows their legendary status in Nigeria (and also all over the world). Every year they are having world tours and giving away great shows for their many fans.

Break up

Lately there have been a lot of rumours of the twins breaking up and disbanding P-Square. Both brothers seem to work on solo projects more and more. Paul even started his own record label Rudeboy Records and the first artist he signed was Muno. But the two still worked together on the albums of Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade that were released in 2016. Earlier in 2016, Dansiyo visited a show of the twins and wrote a report of the rumours. Here you can form your opinion on the matter.

Can’t get enough of the famous duo? Check out their top tracks on Spotify below or read all the post we’ve written about them!

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