Eugy – Biography

Eugy – Biography


Real name: Eugene Entsir
Stage name: Eugy
Birthdate: Unknown
Origin country: Ghana / UK
Albums released: None (so far)

Eugy is born in Ghana and went to the UK when he was 6. In the UK he is living in London. The main spot of course for great music in the UK. At 10 he played the piano at church and at the age of 13 he started rapping. When he was 19 he opened up for big artists like Trey Songz and J Holiday. His main goal for now is to show the world that African music is also great and can bring some interesting flavour in the music. Especially in the Hip Hop and R&B world.

Road to success

Although the story of the succes of Eugene Entsir (Eugy) is still young, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know this up and coming artist. He is originally from Ghana, but moved to London, UK when he was six. His first moves in the music scene were as part as an RnB group. Together with his brothers he started E3B or E3 Brothers. They scored local successes with covers like ‘Power Trip’ by J Cole. You can hear the raw live vocals using a home set up. That being said, they prove they can sing!

Eugene also learned how to produce tracks in this time. E3B released several tracks of their own, including their last track ‘Provider’. The difference in quality is noticeable compared to the live covers. As you can hear, E3B is already moving to a more African vibe with ‘Provider’.

Solo tracks

Around 2015 his first solo tracks showed up.  He stopped with the group because he taught he was better as a rapper than a singer. He started out featuring on tracks from other artists. One of first was a big tune from Nizzy, called ‘Mercy’. The Ghanaian High Life / Hip Life are recognizable and supplemented with raps from Eugy. On his social media accounts, he now described himself as:

Eugene Entsir, simply known as Eugy, is a British Ghanaian Musician creating a fresh sound blending English and Twi raps!

Seems about right!

The UK Afrobeats scene is growing fast. Artists are using the African vibe but combine it with UK influences. Eugy is a good example of this. Together with the artists he is working with they are making the sound bigger and bigger. Producers like O.Y are providing artists with hot beats that are a combination of Afro Pop sounds, UK Grime and Hip Hop/R&B beats.

Early on he joined hands with power producer group Team Salut. They are also based in the UK. One of the first tracks the guys made together was ‘Mosh’. This song is a more Hip Hop/ Trap track where Eugy proves that he can rap very well. Team Salut will play a big role in the music of Eugy.

A breakthrough moment was his track with Davido. The track was again produced by Team Salut. You can hear a boasting Eugy with Davido what he does best: the chorus. Definitely proof he was getting noticed and is making big steps.

Eugy and Mr Eazi

When Eugy and Mr Eazi are collaborating, it seems the two artists always are making magic. They have a good chemistry with each other. Combine this with the producers Team Salut and the guys are giving us hits. Early 2016 they released the track ‘Body’. This track was a huge success in in UK and the success spread out across the world. Somehow they found the perfect balance of R&B / Rap and Afro Pop. We had to put this song on our first mixtape of course.

His latest hit is another collabo with Mr Eazi: Dance For Me. The track is a true dance track, which is shown in the video clip. In the ‘Dance For Me’ lyrics the guys are talking about the hottest dance moves of the moment. African dances like Alkayida and Shoki. Of course it’s also necessary to include the Dab. The track has picked up a lot of airtime on several mixtapes (including ours). In just a couple of months the video already got more than 1 million views. This isn’t happening regularly for UK Afrboeats artists for  In addition it spawned several fan-made dance videos like this one and this one. These are a must watch.

The three different acts also shot another single together FrenchKiss DJ and BoatzmadeIT called High Love. With so many great tracks it won’t take long for other artists recognize the talents of Eugy. One of his latest tracks is with the biggest artists from Ghana: Sarkodie. It’s sure the future looks promising and we can’t wait to hear more tracks and tapes.

That’s all for now! We hope you enjoyed reading about this new phenomenon. You can read all related articles here or if you’re more into Spotify, check out his profile below:



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