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Fuse ODG biography

Fuse ODG

Real name: Nana Richard Abiona
Stage name: Fuse ODG
Birthdate: 2 December 1988
Origin country: United Kingdom
Albums released: T.I.N.A. (2014)

The early days of Fuse ODG

Fuse ODG is the biggest Afro Pop star from the UK. He is one of the artists that made the popular African sounds more popular in Europe. But it wasn’t always like this for him. It’s funny you can see his rise to the top on his own Youtube channel. He uploaded his first video in 2009 and the video only has 2.000 views. This is very low compared to the views of his videos since his breakthrough.

In the beginning of Fuse ODG’s career he was more a hip hop artist with deep lyrics. It always had a meaning. His first solo video was ‘Umbilical Cord’. An other more popular track from that time was ‘Billy Elliot’s Black’.

A funny video he also released in 2011 was ‘Mama I’m in love’ with a Jamaican. It was Fuse ODG’s first small hit. Now the video almost has a half million of views.


After those tracks the sound of Fuse ODG started changing. It became way more catchy. The Ghanaian influence became bigger and the tracks more danceable. The breakthrough hit was ‘Azonto’. This became a big anthem. Not only in his home country the UK but all over Europe. From then on Fuse was a star.

Fuse ODG made multiple videos for this track. After this track everyone was doing the Azonto.


After this big Fuse ODG went on and took some time to make his debut album. The debut album got the name T.I.N.A. This stands for ‘This Is New Africa’. With the album Fuse wanted that his fans wouldn’t only focus on the poor side of Africa but also saw all the beautiful things that were happening over there. Africa should also stand for beautiful things. The biggest hit on the album was ‘Antenna’. For the video Wycleff Jean added a verse. The video has more than 22 million views on the moment of writing. So we can definitely say this was a big hit.

The album T.I.N.A. was released in 2014 and also included other big hits like ‘Dangerous Love’, ‘T.I.N.A.’ and ‘Million Pound Girl’. All good tracks for a good Saturday night out.


On his album Fuse ODG was already working together with big international stars like Sean Paul and Wyclef Jean. But he was also working with local artists from the UK. Sometimes he even dropped some verses on real grime tracks like ‘Fester Skank remix’ with Lethal Bizzle, Stormzy, Chip and Wretch 32. He also jumped on the remix the Major Lazer track ‘Light It Up’. The lyric video has more than 200 million (!) views. So this track definitely opened some new markets for Fuse ODG.

Of course Fuse ODG didn’t forget his african roots. He worked together with Ghanaians like Shatta Wale, Mugeez and Sarkodie. With Sarkodie he also got a big hit in 2013 with the track ‘Down On One’. This single can be found on Sarkodie’s album Sarkology.

We can’t wait what Fuse ODG has to offer in the future but he probably he will give us more outstanding music.

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