10 best watched Afro House & Kuduro music videos in 2015

10 best watched Afro House & Kuduro music videos in 2015

Angola is a country with some big musical influences. Some of the biggest genres were invented here. Think about Kizomba and how it is a worldwide phenomenon today. Just like South Africa there is a special house scene here. This house music is not the same as in other countries. Some call it Afro House. Kuduro is not the same but there are some similarities and that is why we put these songs in the same list. First we wanted to call this post ‘Angolan influences’, because most of the artists are from Angola or their parents are born there. But because Angolans also had a big influence in other music genres we just call it by the names of the genre: Afro House & Kuduro. If you want to listen to more house then you should also check out the list we made of the best watched house videos of South Africa.

10. Os Banah – Banzelo Ft. Vado Poster


Os Banah is a group from Angola. They are very big there as you can see on their Facebook page. They  have more than 75.000 likes! With their video ‘Banzelo’ they made a special video with multiple dope dancers. The drums in the track gives this track a dope vibe. Good mix of Kuduro and more slowed down House music.

9. Yola Araújo – Com Todos Os Molhos Ft. Preto Show


Yola Araújo and Preto Show throw a big street party for their video ‘Com Todos Os Molhos’. While the street party is on you can see a lot of different people show off their dance skills. It’s dope how the beat is switching up after one minute.

8. Power Boyz – Mata a Gaja Ft. DJ Ecs


Power Boyz is a group of singers and dancers. They are also very popular and already had some big hits in Portuguese speaking Africa. It’s possible for them to tour around. With the song ‘Mata A Gaja they had again a big hit. We can understand why because this track is a banger.

7. Zibo Ciborg – Pengua


In this track you can see everyone dancing on this dope beat. From young boys to old ladies. And they all do it on the streets. With this beat and simple hook it’s easy to just join them. On this track Zibo Ciborg is also rapping on the fast beat.

6. Os Destroia – Bela Ft. Flavel & Neto


For this track the Angolan group Os Destroia hooked up with Flavel & Neto from France. So the song ‘Bela’ is in two languages: Portugese and French. This is a good combination of African French music and Kuduro. Both sounds are clear to hear. In the video you can see all the people dance on the beat when the artists cross. Probably the same is happening when this track comes on in the club.

5. DJ Darcy – Wawéra Ft. Daniel Nascimento, Preto Show & Maya Zuda


‘Wawéra’ is a dope track of DJ Darcy, Daniel Nascimento, Preto Show and Maya Zuda. The track is produced by Gaia Beat.  He made the great beat with the drums in it. Preto Show and Daniel Nascimento are rapping on this track and Maya Zuda sings with her lovely voice. Her sounds on the hook are also great. It gives the track a special effect.

4. Zona 5 – Encardir A Area Ft. Anselmo Ralph


Zona 5 is a hip hop group. In their track ‘Encardir A Area’ they combine their raps with a more Eurohouse beat. This track really stands apart from the other tracks in this list. That doesn’t means it isn’t a great track. Because it is.  The singing on this track comes from Anselmo Ralph. You can find this track on the album ‘Tapete Vermelho’ that Zona 5 released in 2013.

3. C4 Pedro – Spetxa One


C4 Pedro is probably the biggest artist from Angola right now. He has made a lot of big hits in his long career. Most of the time he makes Kizomba tracks but the hit ‘Spetxa One’ is different. This beat comes from DJ Maphorisa so it’s a combination of South African House and Angolan raps. The other thing that is different on this track is the language C4 Pedro uses. Usually he raps/sings in Portuguese but for this single he did it in English. This is a nice love song and the videos follows two young lovers. Great video. This track is from the album ‘King Ckwa’ that was released in 2015.

2. C4 Pedro – African Beauty Ft. DJ Maphorisa


Just like the previous track ‘African beauty’ is a collaboration between C4 Pedro and DJ Maphorisa. And it’s also taken from the album ‘King Ckwa’. In this song we can also hear some vocals from DJ Maphorisa. Both artists are singing in English to give love to all the African ladies. This track is made by the great drums of the production. A really good track.

1. Deejay Telio & Deedz B – Não Atendo


When the song ‘Não Atendo’ was being played before the show of Davido, the club went wild. Deejay Telio and Deedz B got their big hit with this track. Actually they are not from Angola but from Portugal. But the track is definitely an Afro House track. The beat is hot and the hook makes this track easy to sing.


Angola has a big music scene and they influenced artists from all over the world. They also have their version of House and Dance music. A way that is making your body want to move. In this post we showed you the different hits that went big. We recommend everyone to hear this songs because the music deserves more fans.

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